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Finding the right painter can make all the difference for your custom home remodeling project. Painting is the finishing touch to your home's exterior, and a professional job will make a great impression on anyone who sees it. Mejia Painting and Cleaning Service offers interior and exterior painting as well as an abundance of other services to prep your home.

Interior painting poses all kinds of challenges. If the ceilings and floors are different colors, you have to make sure that one doesn't drip onto the other. Different types of materials are going to affect how the paint looks so there are specific types of paint to use depending on the surface. You may need drywall repair if you want the paint to go on perfectly. Exterior painting requires a bit more prep work. You may be dealing with environmental conditions like weather, bugs, dirt, algae, and wrinkling. We offer a highly effective power washing service to clear away any surface debris and built up grime on exterior walls.

In addition to painting, we provide a meticulous cleaning service. If you need home or office cleaning, our cleaning company offers dedicated services at reasonable prices.

For quality residential and commercial painting services, please contact Mejia Painting and Cleaning Service in Boerne, TX.

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